Prep-work for 2018

Crazy shoppers are running after the latest gadgets for Christmas gifts. Tinsel, baubles, the new generation of Christmas tree. It seems everyone is preparing for the Christmas season.

Ever since moving to Queensland I haven’t made the effort of gathering the necessary decorations needed to send myself into the seasonal tizzy everyone else does. It hasn’t become a priority. Not when I live by myself or have flatmates who celebrate Christmas with their own family.

Instead of investing my last-of-the-year pennies and time on tinselling the house, I thought I should organise myself for 2018.

New Year Goals for 2018

If I call them resolutions, they’ll never happen.

  1. Write at least 1 blog every 3 weeks — I’ve started the website, so I should probably keep going … and I’ve already paid for it.

  2. Read 26 books — I think I read maybe 4 this year. Absolutely pathetic! I should be able to read one every fortnight. NO PICTURE BOOKS.

  3. Enter a short story competition — There are a couple of competitions I’m looking into next year. My writers group also tells me it’s beneficial for some reason.

  4. Have all Work In Progress edits completed — Send off to beta readers.

  5. Write the next novel — If I don’t, there will be a few disgruntled readers.

  6. Allow for 1 cheat day a week — REMEMBER: Don’t go overboard with takeaway, lollies, chips, cheesecake and pizza. Last time you made yourself sick.

  7. Exercise outside of Personal Training sessions — NOTE TO SELF: Does not include walking up verandah stairs with or without shopping bags, circuits of the shopping centre or any movement of the arms that involve food.

New Year Resolutions for 2018

These may become goals. I haven’t decided yet.

  1. Save money — Who doesn’t have this on their New Year resolution/goals list. This should be standard.

  2. Keep house clean — Or maybe uncluttered. This may involve purchasing containers to keep things in which negates number 1 resolution.

  3. Declutter house — This makes number 2 resolution easier. There is potential here to sell household items. Number 1 resolution is looking better.

  4. Stop buying stationary I know I don’t need — Would have to ban myself from the following stores unless I have a list of actual needed items: Kikki.K, Officeworks, Kaisercraft, Typo, any other stationary shop I’ve missed. This includes online stores.

  5. Have a herb garden — This also requires money for pots and dirt and seeds and … watering can. REMINDER: Calculate costs.

  6. Read the bible front to back — I’ve tried this before and never passed the chapters and chapters and chapters of tribes and clans in Numbers. Maybe I should start with the New Testament first.

New Year Resolutions that-will-most-likely-stay-as-resolutions for 2018

  1. Go on a cruise — See the Aurora Borealis. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  2. Learn Japanese — I found out my niece is learning Japanese at school. She might need someone to talk to.

  3. Learn Russian — I love this language. So rich and full in the mouth and easier than German.

  4. Travel to New Zealand — It’s cheaper to fly to New Zealand than to visit family in Australia.

  5. Win the Lotto — This may be wishful thinking.

Hopefully some of these not-yet goals and resolutions become goals for 2018. It would be great to accomplish them all.

What New Year Goals have you decided to achieve in 2018?

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