6 Websites For Indoor Learning

This is a great time to learn something new. Whether you are looking for something to ignite your creative flare, brush up on your academics or even learn a new language, there are many sites boasting cool and fun things to learn. These are just a small selection I have checked out myself.


Photo and video, money and lifestyle, art and design. If you want to learn how to arrange flower bouquets, this is the place to go. With over 1500+ courses, Creative Live is every artists dream-bank of learning. You can purchase courses separately with lifetime access or go for the Creator Pass and learn everything.

A couple of writing friends and I have been going through Lisa Cron's Wired For Story course. If you are a writer and want to bring your story to life, this is the course to help you do it.


Udemy is similar to Creative Live and has a wide variety of courses, ranging from finance to IT to design to personal development and even music. Each course includes on-demand video lessons and supporting downloadable documents. Access through mobile app, desktop and tv app with full lifetime access. Each individual course varies in cost, however at the moment they have selected courses at 60% off.


Always wanted to learn a language, but never found the time? Stuck in COVID-19 isolation and have too much time? Pimsleur is a great app for learning languages. The lessons allow you to learn each language by learning through conversation instead of topic. The first lesson for any language is free. Unfortunately if you want to learn more, you need to pay.


Skillshare is an amazing platform with a wide variety of courses. Everything from Animation, Fine Art, Illustration, UI/UX Design and Web development can be found here. If you are a beginner or an expert, this is the place to be. There are free courses or you can purchase a monthly or annual membership if you want to explore more ideas.


Want to go back to school? Okay, stupid question, but still interested in learning without the annoying kid sitting next to you blowing raspberries? This is where you want to go. Maths, Science, Economics, Computing, even test prep for uni. The best part? It's all free. Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation so if you are feeling nice, a donation is always appreciated.


Have you ever wanted to bake your own bread at home? Why not make your own jewellery ? Or how about building a raised-bed garden in your backyard? Quilting anyone?

If it's crafty, then you can find it at Craftsy (now known as Bluprint). They have a variety of free and paid courses. If you only learn one thing during your isolation, then it may as well be homemade chocolate candy.

Stay safe everyone :)

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