Crazy Prepared

When it comes to all things COVID-19 related, I am well prepared for anything!

Considering I had already isolated myself as much as possible between work, home and supply runs, I have everything I need for lockdown procedures! I have the essentials: toilet paper (no, you can't have any), food for a month, four bookshelves full of books I haven't actually read yet (perfect timing!), DVDs when Netflix goes down and wine. But most importantly, I have 15000 words needing to be written.

I have prepared myself for success. I went to the local Officeworks to grab some supplies (stationary supplies, not toilet paper or hand sanitiser supplies ...) and set out my entire novel in chapters on the back of two bookshelves (I'm technically not allowed to stick anything on the walls in the house I rent, so the back of a bookshelf is a really novel idea—get it, novel, bahahahaha!).

Since then, I've added expanded scene ideas, completely new chapters and scenes; and small add-ons of 50 words or less. Would you like to see my progress? I know you want to ... PHOTOMONGARGE! Cue the music!

This is what I bought at Officeworks ... the first time I went. I soon realised I needed some coloured dots for different POVs(point of view) and word count allocation for new scenes, more colour card for different ideas, etc. The list did get a little long ... :)

I first set out the chapters and every scene already written. It's interesting how an entire manuscript can be summed up with 32 little yellow note cards.

Go time! Any and every practical idea went up on the board. It really helped when one idea filtered right throughout the story, adding depth and more importantly, words to my manuscript!

I like stationary and small accomplishments help keep the momentum going, so for every completed piece of the story, I gave myself a sticker! Good job!

Sometimes being prepared can look a little bit like a madwoman board, but if you're sensible and take it bit by bit (without going nuts and stealing people's toilet paper out of their trolleys when they're not looking), you can be prepared like a pro!!

Stay safe!

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