Make Your Moment

I would like you to pause for a moment and stop.

Stop worrying about the million and one things on your list to do for work today.

Stop worrying about whether people are going to comply with the social distancing guidelines when you need to go out.

Stop worrying about the hundredth time you'll wash your hands today because someone decided to pay with cash.

Stop worrying about friends who are by themselves, isolated and alone because they have a high risk of viral complications.

Stop worrying about your loved ones who are still having to go to work and deal with people who aren't taking this current situation seriously.

Stop worrying about where the money will coming from.

Stop worrying about the whirlwind and focus on yourself for just a moment.

I would like you to do something for me.

Go take a shower.

Seriously. Put on some soothing tunes. I suggest Lorde (Alternative) or Brooke Fraser (Christian Artist) and go have a long, hot shower. Take your time. Wash yourself, your hair. Shave your legs, your underarms. Wash your face and stand under the water for a while. Feel the water melt away some of that stress.

Take the time to dry yourself. If you have moisturiser, body oil or lotion, use it. Dry your hair and brush it out. If you have a normal routine to tone and moisturise your face, then do it, but take your time. Don't rush. Take. Your. Time.

Be in each moment.

Don't just wash your hair. You've done this a million times. You know how to wash your hair, but have you ever stepped into the moment, felt your fingers glide through the strands, up your neck and behind your head? Have you kneaded your scalp with your knuckles and the back of your neck with the pads of your thumbs? Take a breath and experience the moment.

Trust me. It's worth it.

Experience the moment.

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