Six Things in Twenty Twenty

Okay, so let's just say my twenty nineteen wasn't exactly productive. If you want a bit more detail, you're welcome to head over to my post on Christian Writers Downunder website back in September of last year.

My life feels a little less overwhelming as I head into the new year and there are some things, big and small that I plan to do. I'd love to invite you all to join me and maybe with a little encouragement I'll be able to accomplish most of them.

Here's my TO DO LIST for twenty twenty.


Some of you already know I have a novel in the works and it's taken over a decade to gain enough confidence to go the extra mile. This year I plan to finish editing my manuscript and send it off to an agent. There's still a couple of scenes I need to rewrite and then I need to go through and complete another copyedit. I'm considering sending it through to a few beta readers and will then have to write my synopsis to send off to the agent, but it's doable and I'm excited!


Jessica Kate, author of Love and Other Mistakes talked about discovering the reason behind why your favourite books or movies are your favourite in a couple of her introductory newsletters. I thought I'd dig a bit deeper into my own stories and why I enjoy writing them. From what I discovered about myself and my stories, I've decided to redesign the website. So, WATCH THIS SPACE!


I bought a motorbike at the beginning of last year and went for my Learners Licence in June. I know what you're thinking. Why did it take you so long to get your licence? Well, that's not even the saddest bit. I've ridden the bike once since I got my licence. With too much going on last year and a slight fear of falling off (which is a good thing to possess apparently), I made excuses and procrastinated.

I've decided to give myself an ultimatum. If I don't get my full licence by the end of the year, I'll sell my bike. I like my bike. A lot. I even named him, so I'm getting my licence this year because I'm not going to sell him! Poor Archie.


I've been thinking about the hours upon hours of wasted time I spend doing nothing of importance. Whether it's watching Netflix, playing video games or surfing social media, it really doesn't improve my mind. I believe downtime and relaxation are important, but I think it's starting to become the norm and that's just lazy. So, I'm shaking things up this year.

Once a week, every fortnight I'm going to immerse myself in the art of learning. Any downtime I have or whenever I would normally be on social media or listening to music, I'm going to do something that will work the mind. I'm going to read a non-fiction book, listen to a podcast, watch an informative YouTube channel or documentary. After each fortnight I'll tell you what I learnt so you can benefit as well.

I read one of Emily P Freeman's newsletters a few days ago and one simple thing she does everyday in her morning routine is to read for 15 mins. She read three books in January just by doing this. Fifteen mins every morning. Piece of cake.


I struggled last year with my health. Nothing too bad, but because I have hypothyroidism, I've decided to go back to Erin Sanderson's process to potentially help reverse this. She has an amazing story, having completely reversed her symptoms and the cause of her hypothyroidism and now helps others. I'm going gluten and dairy free for the most part and only having a cheat day once a month.


I know a few of you who have been waiting patiently and a few not so patiently for this story, lol. It was really sad when I couldn't keep the momentum going last year, but my plan is to finish writing Taylor and Patrick's story for you. I will be resuming Part One later this year once I have sent off my novel to an agent.

I'm excited already for this year. I hope you are too. What's on your TO DO LIST this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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