The Characters Want Out

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

If you're a writer, then you'll understand me when I say there are just some characters that won't stay put. They pop into your life unannounced, make a nice, comfy space for themselves and NEVER LEAVE!

I am currently in the process of editing my novel (yes, I am still doing this. It tends to take a long time with work and life and other distractions like the internet), but these characters decided to barricade themselves in my mind and tap, tap, tap continually until I gave in.

I'd like to say I know them well, but I'm not entirely sure. They've surprised me at every turn. They aren't anyone I've ever written before and they're a little more explicit than I'd like (I have argued with them constantly and we've come to an understanding that their language is inappropriate and we've had to compromise on both sides).

I've decided to post the story here, bit by bit as it is written and completely unedited. You'll meet Patrick, but don't call him that. He prefers Ricky. His twin sister is Taylor. She tends to find trouble. William Isle or Will and Charlie Frank are good friends of theirs. They'll always be there when things go wrong.

Get ready for the first part of the story, coming to you next week. If you haven't subscribed to my site, this is your chance to be the first to read Ash, Blood & Fire when each part is published. If you would like to help me write the story and you think something should happen, let me know in the comments as each scene is posted. Be involved. Be creative. Be inspired. Go on ... get a little crazy. I know I sure am ...

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